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Train With The Best in The World…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Anyone who visits The Boston Crab or listens to our Podcasts knows that we rate our own Fergal Devitt as being one of the best wrestlers in the world at the moment, if not the best. It seems that everything he touches he can turn to gold and already has put on a handful of amazing contests this year and it’s only March! The former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion is doing his country proud, but with recent news from Fight Factory Pro Wrestling it’s clear that he hasn’t forgotten about us.

Fergal will be returning to our shores on April 2nd and 3rd for a weekend training seminar with FFPW. This is a huge opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a pro wrestler or for those already in the game that want to learn how to become even better. Usually these high profile sessions can cost an arm and a leg, making them tough for you and I to attend. However the whole weekend will cost an unbelievable €35, a shockingly low price!

Sessions run from 12-6 each day, and FFPW are willing to let people stay overnight in their gym. And for those of you who are newcomers to wrestling, there will be a special class with FFPW trainers on the Saturday for you from 12-2, so you’ll have the basics before joining the training with Fergal. There will also be a show from 6pm on the Sunday in the gym, and some of the weekends lucky trainees that impress will be asked to perform. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in wrestling, and a foolish one to turn your nose to.

The Boston Crab will be there to take a bump or two, we hope to see you there too! For more information about the weekend and for securing your spot with a €10 deposit, email INFO@FIGHTFACTORYPROWRESTLING.COM. Places are limited so contact them now!

Seán Reid


Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Irish based group Fight Factory Pro Wrestling has long been considered the breeding ground for some of the best talent to come out of this country. Just a quick glance at our Irish Top 30 supports this, with the vast majority of the top 10 either been trained in FFPW or have spent time with the group. Now FFPW has added even more strength to its name by becoming the first Irish wrestling group to join the Union of European Wrestling Alliances.

The UEWA is a Europe Wrestling Union, holding ten different  groups under it banner from nine different European countries. This move allows FFPW wrestlers easier access to showcase their skills abroad, as they now will have strong connections with some of the best wrestling groups in Europe. This is a huge opportunity for our local talent to showcase why we are building a reputation at turning out some of the best wrestlers globally, not just Europe.

Other groups which feature in the UEWA are:

- Association Biterroise De Catch (France)
- All Star Wrestling (England)
- Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland (Germany)
- Danish Pro Wrestling (Denmark)
- Fight Factory Pro Wrestling (Rep. Ireland)
- Italian Championship Wrestling (Italy)
- Norge Wrestling Foresund (Norway)
- Premier Bristish Wrestling (Scotland)
- Shooting Star Wrestling (England)
- Welsh Wrestling (Wales)

But with this comes another opportunity, as the UEWA also boasts The European Heavyweight Championship. This title is recognised by each member promotion as being the elite title in Europe, and for a wrestler to hold this belt is a huge honor. Now FFPW looks to send its best to Europe to try bring the belt to were it truly belongs.
The move also means that FFPW  have guaranteed  a spot in the 1st ever 8-man UEWA Cruiserweight Championship Tournament in Oslo on the 21st of May 2011 for one Irish wrestler. In response they will be holding a show on the 26th of march in their gym where theywill have a qualification match to see who will represent FFPW & Ireland in the tournament.

FFPW are having an open invitation to all trained wrestlers in Ireland that wish to be considered/complete for the spot in Oslo. Just E-mail All participants must be under 95kg/210 lbs.

Seán Reid